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  • Just to say Thank you for everything you are doing for me & Lee. You are going to be very Successful, I can feel it. Much love, Tina 


  • I did see Aiga when I had an unexplained hip pain. I went for 4 sessions every single day but it seemed the pain was still with me. After 3 days, the pain disappeared, I am 100 percent sure it was after Scenar treatment. Thank you Aiga


  • I want to highly recommend Aiga from Brentwood who provides a scenar therapy in the comfort of your own home. If you have any aches & pains Aiga can help you. She treats many health conditions such as ibs, migraine, stress, sciatica and all types of painful injuries.



  • Lower back pain for months because of spondylolisthesis. Tried different treatments with no success. Couldn’t straighten my spine. Had only one treatment and I was able to straighten my back and walk upright again. The pain has considerably improved. Pain-free after 6 treatments. J.King

  • Suffered from frozen shoulder. Only those can understand who have or had it. Thanks to Aiga, she resolved my problem

       Mr Clark

  • I had a very bad shoulder pain for more than 3 years. Every day on painkillers. Decided to go for surgery. So happy I met Aiga, after the third treatment I felt much better and after the 5th no pain at all.


  • My husband and I have both been to Aiga’s Therapy for back and shoulder pains. She knows what she is doing. Her Scenar treatment is very efficient. I feel very confident when I visit her and that I am in good and safe hands. I recommend Aiga to everybody.

       Sam and Charlie

  • This is just a short note to say thank you for your care and attention during my visits to the therapy. As you know I don’t always manage to get there as regularly as I’d like but I would like to say that your attention and care to detail is worth waiting for.  You always make me welcome and are always professional in your approach. Thanks again Aiga, I wish you well with the business.



  • Aiga thank you for my scenar therapy, I am feeling so good after it. This session has lifted my mood today, feeling relaxed and my muscles feel recharged can't wait for next one.

       Stephie excited about her knee treatment tomorrow 

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