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Scenar Therapy is Licensed for Pain Relief in The UK.


Complaints about pain:

  • Pain during movements

  • Pain in joints

  • Neck and shoulder pain

  • Lower back pain

  • Radiant pain

  • Neuralgia

Injuries where Scenar method can be applied:

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Bursitis

  • Neck complaints

  • Periosteum infection

  • Achilles tendon infection

  • Skewing and spraining

  • Tennis elbow

  • RSI

  • Whiplash


Chronic complaints:

  • Pain and limitations in movement

  • Neck and shoulder complaints

  • Neuralgia

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Whiplash

  • Migraine

  • Asthmatic bronchitis


SCENAR therapy can be applied in cases of muscular pain, tension and spasm, joint pain and rigidity, inflammation, sciatica, backache, unexplained pain, headache and migraine, all digestive complaints, all complaints of the respiratory system, all complaints of the urinary and reproductive systems, and in cases of cardiovascular and nervous system diseases.​


Contra-Indications Where The Scenar Should Not Be Used:

  • People Fitted with Pacemakers

  • Undiagnosed Pain or Tumours

  • Pregnant Women

  • With Alcohol or Drug Dependencies

  • Epilepsy


Session last for about 40-60 minutes 

  • pre-booked appointments only 

Endeavour to give a 24-hour notice before a cancellation.
A full charge will be made for failed appointments.


What does it feel like?

As the Scenar device moves over the skin surfaces, it gives a tingling sensation. The sensation differs from your own sensitivity; in severe pain, the sensation may be stronger. Many patients experience pain reduction and feel more relaxed already after the first treatment.

How often will I need treatment?


In order to create a continuous flow of circulating regulative peptides, SCENAR action must be given quite often. 

For any fresh injury or any acute inflammatory process, treatment needs to be intensive; ideally once or even twice daily.

For chronic conditions treatments are ideally given several times a week initially, reducing as things improve. 

To be effective, a course of treatments is usually required. Some acute conditions can be resolved in 3 - 5 sessions, some takes longer.

What else do I need to know?


Exceptional results are achieved when treating sportsmen and women with immediate injuries and especially if treatment is done as soon as possible after the injury. Do not shower or bath for two hours before and after SCENAR Therapy, as the optimal effectiveness of the treatment will be disturbed by the washing of the skin. Please wear comfortable loose clothing to get access to your skin - back, shoulders, abdomen, legs etc. It may be necessary to shave an area of skin to ensure good communication between the device and the nervous system.

AfterCare Advice:


To gain maximum benefits from the treatment it is recommended:


  • Make time to rest and relax to enabling the body receive full benefit of treatment

  • Increase the amount of water you drink over the next 48h  

  • Try to avoid caffeine, alcohol intake for at least 24 hours after your treatment

  • If you smoke, try to cut down in smoking please

In treating chronic conditions, occasionally a healing crisis may occur (experienced as a complete lack of energy and malaise) when the body begins its self-healing process getting rid of toxic energy too rapidly.


They are temporary and should clear within 24-72h. They are positive signals that your body has responded to the treatment and is balancing itself.

•frequent visits to the toilet •runny nose and/or cough •Slight rash as the skin rebalances •condition which have been suppressed may flare up temporarily before they heal •perspiration-another way that the body can excrete waste •deep sleep or difficulty sleeping and vivid dreams.


There are techniques that can be used with SCENAR to manage this. Patients generally experience an increase in energy, a more refreshing sleep and an improved well-being.



Never alter any medication that has been prescribed for you without speaking with your GP/ doctor first.


If you have any concerns or questions after receiving a treatment contact me to discuss, please.

Scenar therapy is non-aggressive, non-invasive, sensitive and natural, very individual and has a holistic effect on the body.


50mins £50             

75mins £65        

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