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Nowadays, many people choose an alternative way to improve their health.

Our body is one whole that has a flow of energy. For a person to be healthy, energy must be in balance or, as we say, in the corridor.

Using the Nakatani test, which measures 12 meridians and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, I can read which of the meridians are out of balance.

With the use of the SCENAR device, the necessary systems can be balanced. Before and after result comparing, gives you an idea of the need for treatments. Sometimes it is straight forward, but sometimes more sessions are required.

The Rista device is used for the Nakatani Acupuncture System, also known as RYODORAKU Acupuncture Theory, which measures the energy levels in your body, metabolic state, state of mental activity, musculoskeletal system and balance of the autonomic nervous system.

Nakatani readings are based on Chinese traditional medicine and have been known for about 50 years. It was developed in Japan by prof. Yoshio Nakatani. The method provides reading of acupuncture point data and provides an effective way to evaluate body functions and determine specific imbalances for treatment with a Scenar device.



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n 1951 Dr.Yoshio Nakatani M.D., Ph.D developed a method of examining the meridian system of the body thru electronic measurements which altered the way acupuncture would be practiced throughout Japan, Europe, Australia and North America. Referred to as "Ryodoraku" by Nakatani its use would become international within 25 years of discovery.
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