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Aiga Zepa-Petrova

Scenar Therapy Practitioner | Essex

My holistic health approach has started years ago due to the health of my daughter. Consistent visits to conventional medical practitioners and the subsequent reliance on extensive antibiotic prescriptions prompted me to explore alternative forms of medicine.


Ever since, my preference has always leaned towards homeopathy. I firmly hold the belief that conventional medicine weakens the body and compromises the immune system. Complementary or alternative medicine is the way to maintain health without disturbing the natural flora in the body.


I am very passionate about Scenar therapy. My journey towards becoming a Scenar therapist unfolded unexpectedly and abruptly. In 2012, a close friend of mine experienced excruciating pain in his lower back due to spinal disc herniation. The severity of the pain made even basic mobility a difficult task. Several medical professionals unanimously recommended surgery as the only course of action. However, with the support of his family, he attended Scenar therapy. After the 5th session, his walking function became less painful, and following the tenth session, he was able to resume his work responsibilities. That's how I first became acquainted with Scenar therapy


With more research about therapy, I found out how to become a Scenar therapist. This was my opportunity to change career and I decided to go for it. Now, Scenar therapy has become an indispensable part of my professional life.

I continue to be astounded by the remarkable potency and consistently positive outcomes that Scenar therapy offers to my clients.


I offer "Scenar therapy" - Scenar is a modern technology device and stands for:


It can be used to help both acute and chronic pain. 


I have been trained by one of the Scenar inventor: 

Professor Alexander Revenko, by Dr. Galina Subbotina and Dr. Lena Subbotina. 

Academy A.Revenko

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