Physiotherapy / pain management

S.C.E.N.A.R is Self-Controlled Energo-Neuro Adaptive-Regulator


Scenar is medical therapeutic method which harmonizes energy flow by restoring the balance or homeostasis in the body. Scenar therapy uses are almost endless - from the pain of the physical body to the energy unbalance of external bodies. This therapy is non-aggressive, non-invasive, sensitive and natural, very individual and has a holistic effect on the body.

  • Essentially eliminates the stress response in the body and starts the recovery process, immediate sleep improvement;

  • Significantly reduces the doses of medication (most often completely stop taking medication and dietary supplements) to increase the body's defenses;

  • Severely speeds up the recovery process and post-operative rehabilitation, acute illnesses and injuries;

  • For chronic illness, the treatment will help to improve health, in many cases, eliminate the causes of illness, thus the relevant disease;

  • Rapidly restores immunity after antibiotics and strong medicines;

  • Regulates metabolism, perform lymphatic drainage; restore muscle function, which helps to fight obesity.


Reduced / disappear:

• Pain

• Inflammation

• Oedema

• Allergies


Recover / improved:

• Freedom of Movement

• Energy

• Blood circulation

• Lymphatic drainage

• Metabolic Processes

• Wellness

• Health



Scenar therapy boosts a positive efficiency of 90%. Of these, 60% achieved a complete clinical recovery, but 30% - reached a positive dynamics. On average, the therapy speeds up recovery three times faster. 

Summary of Scenar efficiency: here


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